Patrick J. Collins

Ascap #1552179
10810 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90025
(310) 475-8537

Original Music Compositions

Mahjong for flute and orchestra
Nightmare Ned Theme
Medical World
Balloon World
The Graveyard
solo piano:
Prelude in A Major
electro-acoustic with vocals:
Sweet Bliss
Killed Yourself Without Dying
instrumental electronic:
The Avenger
sound tracks:
Indulgence Soundtrack
Robot Racers I
Robot Racers II
Robot Racers III
Unconventional Habits - Pope Scene
Unconventional Habits - Blind Gardening
Mini Cooper Commercial
Disney's Nightmare Ned Animated Intro
Robot Racers - Training Scene
Robot Racers - Bugs Scene
WeatherBug Promotional Video
Budokon DVD Series Trailer
Dita Von Teese - Wonderbra Viral Commercial