Patrick J. Collins, ASCAP #1552179

Technical / Computer Science resume available here as PDF.

Services Offered:    Music Composition, Sound Design, Production, Audio Engineering, Editing, Piano Instruction, and Piano & Vocal performance.

Services Completed:

Wonderbra, Winston-Salem, NC Composer/Sound Designer Created original music and sound effects for Wonderbra commercial.

Of Courset Is, Inc, Hollywood, CA Composer/Arranger
Created various performance tracks for Dita Von Teese.

Budokon International, Inc, Pacific Palisades, CA Composer/Sound Designer Spring
Created original score and soundtrack for three DVDs: "Flow & Flexibility","Strength & Balance". and "Power & Agility"

AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc, Germantown, MD Composer/Sound Designer Spring
Created original score and soundtrack for promotional video, Las Vegas, NV Composer Spring
Composed four original music tracks for promotional website

On Top of a Cloud, West Covina, CA Producer/Engineer -
Performed audio production and engineering work on nineteen music tracks for various projects.

Dwango Studios, San Francisco, CA Composer Fall
Composed original music for the game "Beliefnet Mobile Trivia"

Gighi Whighi Studios, Burbank, CA Composer Spring
Composed original soundtrack for animated series pilot "Robot Racers".

Punk Kitty Pictures, Los Angeles, CA Composer Fall
Composed original soundtrack for indie film short "Unconventional Habits".

Tanya Coloda Productions, San Francisco, CA Composer Spring
Composed original soundtrack for indie film short "Indulgence".

Chaterian Video, Hollywood, CA.
Performer Summer
Performed piano accompaniment for three songs which aired on television as part of a promotional video.

Cinematix Studios/Eidos, Mesa, AZ
Composer Summer
Composed original music for PC-CDROM project "Revenant"- this was a joint venture with Ronny Moorings, songwriter for former 4AD band, Clan of Xymox.

Jim Henson Studios, Hollywood, CA Engineer/Editor Summer 1999
Performed all digital editing for CD-ROM project "Muppets from Space", consisting of over 2,500 lines of dialogue.

Yellow Raincoat Studios, Berkeley, CA Composer Winter 1998
Composed and recorded three original songs for Yellow Raincoat Studios' spiritual wellness center website.

Paramount Studios/Basic Fun, Hollywood, CA Producer/Engineer Fall 1998
Created and recorded arrangements for musical TV keychains "The Brady Bunch", "Beverly Hillbillies", "Get Smart", and "The Twilight Zone".

Employment Experience:

Disney Interactive, Glendale, CA Senior Sound Designer

Composed and/or arranged (all) music for Disney properties such a "Maui Mallard", "Cold Shadow" (Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PC-CDROM), "Gargoyles" (Sega Genesis), "Pocahontas" (Sega Genesis), "Toy Story" (Sega Genesis), "101 Dalmatians" (PC-CDROM), and "Nightmare Ned" (PC-CDROM).

Created all sound effects using either FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis, live effects, or a combination of the three on titles such as "Maui Mallard"/"Cold Shadow", "Gargoyles", "Pocahontas", "Nightmare Ned" (introduction), and "Aladdin" PC-CDROM (animated clips).

Created all musical instrument sounds for "Gargoyles", "Maui Mallard", and "Pocahontas" using FM synthesis, PSG, and samples/subtractive synthesis. Performed vocal and digital editing for "Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Nightmare Ned", "Aladdin", and "D-Show".

Westwood Studios/Virgin Games/Electronic Arts, Las Vegas, NV
Audio Engineer/Musician

Arranged all music, and created all instruments using subtractive synthesis and digital editing for Disney's "The Lion King" Super Nintendo game.

Created all sound effects using FM synthesis for "Lands of Lore", "Kyrandia II", and "Kyrandia III".

Performed digital editing, effect processing, digital sampling and recording for "Lands of Lore" and "Kyrandia II", and "Kyrandia III".

Performed voice over acting on "Lands of Lore" and "Kyrandia".

Education, Musical & Audio Training:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, California Institute of the Arts
Various private studies including: Music Theory, Composition, Orchestration, Piano, Voice, and Recording Engineering.


Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, music pannel judge.
Ascap member

Equipment, Software, and Programming Experience:

Logic Pro 8, Pro Tools, TC Spark, DSP-Quattro, Peak, Melodyne, Waves Platinum Bundle, Autotune, Sound Designer II, Native Instruments Komplete plug-ins, FX Pansion BFD, Yellow Tools Cuture, Synthogy Ivory, Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Trilogy, Sound Forge, Digital Performer, Cubase, Finale, Roland Synths, Ensoniq Synths, FATAR keyboards, Yamaha DX-7, Samplecell II, Focusrite ISA-220, Lexion PCM-80, Ensoniq DP/4, Motu 828mk II, RME-Fireface 800, Mackie Mixing Desks, FM and subtractive synthesis, Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Flash, Fireworks, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Premiere, After Effects, HTML, CSS, GFA, Applesoft, 6502, Applescript, Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Bash, Macintosh OS X and UNIX systems.