Sophie IS in the house!
Sophie in the house!

Sophie in action! WHO IS SOPHIE POLETTI?!?

Sophie Poletti is only one of the most beautiful and talented french dancers in the world.

She was born April 18, 1975 and enjoys walks on the beach, classical and pop music, theater, paintings, Mel Brooks films, and artichoke hearts.

Sophie Poletti is fluent in French as well as English and finds learning to be stimulating.

She has been recently approached about playing Space Ace and Dragon's Lair, however, at this time she has neglected to do so. Although she previously did attempt to play Dungeon Master, this still hasn't appeased us as much as the laser disc games would.

Sophie Poletti is also big on the game Scrabble, except recently, she has been getting her ass kicked by composer pianist, singer, guitarist, and future President of the United States (as well as Collinator Studios), Patrick J. Collins

We encourage you to make Sophie Poletti a part of your modern and classical dance cultural activities!

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