Sophie Poletti
Sophie Poletti

About Sophie's Dance Land

Sophie's Dance Land was created as an attempt to allow the world to become more informed about the immaculate stage performances of Sophie Poletti.

Sophie has danced from the depths of her heart, expressing an array of emotions while never straying from her classical technique. A true signature of her innate talent.

Sophie Poletti has danced in major theater productions such as Dracula, and was an active member of the Nevada Dance Company from 1993-2000... She also had a roommate who was psychotic during part of those years.

In 2000, the beautiful and curvatious Sophie devoted her energies toward obtaining a literary degree at the University of California Los Angeles. Later relocating to Brooklyn, New York, where she has taught pilates as a certified instructor. Bringing health and happiness into the lives of many New Yorkers is part of her goal in life.

Since her east coast debut, Sophie has dazzled the dance world by embarking on international tours of great magnitude such as her most recent adventures in Denmark, China, and the Edinburg Fringe Festival.

Make no mistake, Sophie's magnificence does not end there. The gorgeous wonder has worked with major dance outfits such as Gleich Dances, Michael Mao, and the modern dance troupe Terrain.

Sophie not only has a killer body, but also all the talent, skills, and tools necessary to display her refined craft and definitely make the audience do a double take.

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